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Say "yes" to the ending

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Writing a manuscript seemed easy the first time through. The story was in my head and seared into my heart. I simply had to will my burning fingers to type all 74,000 words of it. Building the scenes and chapters in a coherent order was far more difficult. I already knew what happened before Chapter 1 and what was going to happen 45 pages later. The reader did not, so I spared them the whiplash.

Writing the end of your book is a major purchase, like buying a wedding dress. Sometimes the ending has been inside you for so long that it's the first dress you try on. Other times you try on dress after dress and it just isn't right. But you know when you've found the perfect dress, just like the perfect ending.

The moment you turn around and look at the dress in the mirror for the first time is just like reading the end of a book out loud. If you cry, it's the one. All you have to do is "say yes to the dress" and finish writing your book.

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