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Natty's Pond

Finding hope and forgiveness after a medically advised abortion

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Natty's Pond

Finding hope and forgiveness after a medically advised abortion

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I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a survivor. While I have always enjoyed writing, penning Natty's Pond was an act of sheer obedience, born out of saying yes to God's whisper to "write the story." This book is more than a memoir of grief and loss, but a journey to forgiveness and redemption. 

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Natty’s Pond is a true story of surviving a second trimester abortion of a wanted pregnancy that was deemed “medically advisable” due to poor fetal prognosis. The consequences of this decision were unexpected, grave, and altered the course of the author’s life and health for twenty years. This tender story poignantly illustrates the life-altering post-abortive symptoms which can protract the grief process. The book is profoundly honest about how shame is often magnified within the faith community, leaving parents of the unborn dealing with the emotional and behavioral entanglements of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other spiritual roadblocks alone in their pews. Today the author finds herself profoundly changed on the topic of abortion. This memoir offers hope for the silent sufferers and bridges important gaps between those who have endured abortion and those who can only imagine.

"The pain, incredible and long-lasting grief, and final healing reveal that the line between pro-life and pro-choice is not as well defined as the current cultural divide would make it."  Jude H. 

"Jenny's poignant journey of grief, loss, and ultimate peace, serves as a bridge for anyone who has ever had to face this heartwrenching situation, no matter what our previous ideas on the subject may be."  Wendy H. 

"By speaking truth with grace, this book accomplishes the impossible. It gently builds a bridge between the fiercely opposing sides of the abortion issue."  Karen F.

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