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Praise for Natty's Pond


“A heartbeat, then came the news of a son they hoped for and later the diagnosis—words that would cut to the core of her broken heart. Come along as Jenny courageously shares her story of a medically advised abortion and the aftermath that ensued. Through her gift of writing, she pulls the reader into a world she never could have anticipated and join her as she traveled the road called grief. Raw, real and although heartbreaking, her journey also takes her to a place of healing and restoration. Her faith journey is a beautiful display of God’s tender mercies, and as her heart and spirit began to heal, she realized her story might help others along their journey. Natty’s Pond is riveting and beautifully written. A story of hope and healing and

through tragedy, a life redeemed. A must read!”

Jeannie Pittam

Former Post Abortion Services Coordinator

Pregnancy Center, Lincoln NE


"Natty’s Pond is a courageous memoir which everyone should read, whether or not you are suffering from the aftermath of abortion. We all need to be prepared to help those who are believing the lies which motivate abortion. Yes, Jenny Foster’s story is difficult but every reader will rejoice in God’s powerful work of healing for a hurting woman’s life in the midst of grief and pain."

Kathy Collard Miller, international speaker and award-winning author 

"Pure, raw truth. Emotionally gripping. A one of a kind story. Jenny Foster's real life vulnerability and courage brings to light the need for elevated open dialogue about abortion without the pursuit of judgement. Instead, she looks only to heal wounds gone unspoken with love, compassion, and grace. Powerful down to the last word." 


Ryan Oliver, author of "Beasts of Men and Gods" series & The "Mighty Books" Podcast Host

"Natty's Pond is a beautiful, soulful, loving, candidly raw and spiritually satisfying memoir. It will uplift, comfort, bring hope and some measure of peace to women who are suffering from the pain of abortion. Jenny’s determination to persevere through trauma and pain opened up a beautiful relationship with God and became the basis for her ability to heal and to forgive herself. This is the sacred essence of the power of this book."


Nancy Mayer-Whittington, Author & Founder of Perinatal Hospice program Isaiah's Promise

Pro-Life Support

"Memoirs about medically advised abortions are rare. Natty's Pond is also rare in other ways. Because Jenny Foster kept diaries, her memoir contains powerful details, most often forgotten or repressed by those who have experienced trauma. Her heartbreaking abortion story is matched by the uplifting narrative of her complex healing journey. Riveting, sensitive, personal, relatable, unforgettable. An important contribution to our understanding of decisions on abortion and its life-changing impact on women and families."


Betty McDowell, Vice President, Affiliate Services, Heartbeat International

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