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"The End" is just the beginning

Why do some of the best stories finish with the words "the end?" Depending on your upbringing or country of origin, many children's stories and movies conclude with the words "THE END" or "FINIT" on the final screen or last page. I always liked the impact of the big words "The End" in a bold font and a fancy typeface. These two words signaled the viewer or reader that the story was over, and that it was the appropriate time to stop paying attention, to talk to others about what they thought of the film or book, or to finally take a much needed potty break.

The graphic for today's blog post is a picture of the large 8.5 x 11 card stock greeting that was included in the box from the publisher containing the first copies of my new book. It was a sweet sentiment, and I couldn't throw it away. It has been moved around my desk several times this week, but the more I think about it, the more meaningful it becomes. From the publisher's perspective, I imagine they meant to say, "Encore! Keep writing," or "This isn't the end of our invoices, more to follow." I'd like to think that they're also acknowledging that writing is a process from which you never really graduate. I also think they are alluding to the many layers that can be mined from a book, such as a sequel, a website, blog tours, podcasts, author interviews, perhaps even a movie?

With my first memoir, the end really is just the beginning, because the primary intention of the book is to help others. Its publication, while a huge accomplishment, is really meant to start a ripple effect. I envisioned the book finding its way into the hands and hearts of those who have found themselves in a similar story. Writing a book can be a gift you give yourself, but the distribution of a book is a gift for others. There are no potty breaks for a writer or a creative or those with a passion for something. The end is just the beginning of new growth, a new iteration, and hopefully a new opportunity to share insight and love with the world.

The End (just kidding)

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