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The 120,000 finally speak

There is a group of people around the world who to date have rarely spoken. They grieve, they act like everything's fine, but it's not. 120,000 pregnancies a year in the United States are given a poor prenatal prognosis. 80-90% of these families chose abortion to end the life of their babies, often under the firm advisement of medical professionals.

I am one of the 120,000 who remained silent - silent for twenty one years. I have lived with regret every day over the decision to terminate my unborn son's life at 17 1/2 weeks of pregnancy through a traumatic second trimester surgical abortion.

My heart is to build a bridge between the pro-life and pro-choice camps. For those who have chosen abortion, like myself, it's in the past. Leading with love and compassion is the only choice as to how to respond to post-abortive women and families. Was I pro-choice at one time? Yes. Was my position on abortion radically changed after grieving a deeply wanted baby for twenty one years? Yes. I see both sides, I understand both sides, I've lived both sides.

Out of respect for people on all points of the continuum of opinion, I share two links below. Two perspectives, two indisputable realities of true stories that really happened to families. These heart rendering stories are not conjecture. They are not just data on a graph of abortion statistics. They are real people, real lives, real babies. I'm not here to change your mind, but to open your heart to the previously silent. Please give them a moment of your time - to hear their stories, because they finally speak...

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